So Long Seattle

So Long Seattle

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


A few days ago were my last in Seattle for the forseeable future. It’s tough to figure out what life will look like ahead of the next, maybe, 8 months at a time?

Could be worse.

What I do know is that I am back at home in Ohio for about 6 weeks. Then I head to Colorado Springs for a 3 week training/tryout period for the Pan American Games, And THEN, I head out to Vienna, Austria in late October, and I will be there until sometime in April.

After that… well, that’s around my 8 month veil of unknowing 🙂

But back to the matter at hand. I had to say goodbye to Seattle for who knows how long. Seattle has been so, so good to me. College was the best time of my life. As it should be, I suppose. Doesn’t mean I want it to end though, even though I had been out of Seattle for the past 6 months.

Seattle has become another home to me. I know the city and my way around better there than at home in Cincinnati. I can tolerate the rain, but I adore the nice Seattle days- the lakes, the parks, the mountains. I truly believe the rain keeps Seattle one of the best kept secrets in America.

But it’s the people I had the absolute pleasure of meeting in Seattle that has changed my life. And I am so grateful for all of them. My classmates, my professors, my coaches, my teammates, the athletic department, the other athletes. My friends. Some of my best friends. Seattle gets to keep some of my favorite treasures. And some of them also leave. I’ve seen that a college is an ever changing place. It will never be exactly the same as how I left it, and that sentiment goes for every person before and after me as well.

My memories and experiences in Seattle will stay with me forever, as will some of my relationships. The night before I left, I went to The Ram (of course) with some of my closest friends- Sam Walior, Mackenzie Argens, Sarah Morton, and Lindsey Fleischman. And we added another night that I likely will never forget. It was a great last image to remember Seattle as my life leads me in a new direction.


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