I have some major news to announce…

Drum Roll please….

My not so little brother Nick was just named the A-10 Defensive Player of the Year!!!!

Hagglund A-10 Defensive Player Of The Year, Three On First Team

If you happen to read my blog and don’t know what in the heck I’m talking about, let me clue you in.

My 20-year old brother Nick is a junior center back for  the Xavier University Men’s Soccer Team. He has been working his booty off for pretty much all his life to be an elite soccer player and he is such a gifted athlete. Not only that, but he has the personality and spirit to really inspire others.

Anyways, Xavier is part of the Atlantic 10 Conference (which is actually made up of 16 teams) and at the end of the year, they name an Offensive, Defensive, and Midfielder Player of the Year, as well as All-Conference teams.

So, yesterday I heard the news from my parents, who found out online. And then somehow I got to be the lucky one to send a CONGRATULATIONS text message, only to get the response, “For what?”

My next text read something like this: You sir, are the DPOY, aka dirty pimp of yore, aka dil pickle on yams, aka dizzy playa of yesterday, aka A-10 Defensive Player of the Year! Okay, so I’m a little strange, but ultimately I just can’t be prouder of Nick. He has worked so hard and SO deserves this honor.

Now, it’s time for the A-10 Tournament. They are back to back reigning champs, and want to make it a 3-peat. They JUST clinched the first rivalry game against Dayton 3-2 in Penalty Kicks. Talk about stress!!! But they’ve got the semifinals tomorrow and hopefully the finals on Sunday.

You can head over to the Atlantic 10 Soccer website here if you’d like to learn more or even watch their match online! Wish them luck pleaseeee!!! 🙂