Home Sweet Nantes

After 5 days in La Baule, I was sure happy to get back to my apartment in Nantes. Even though training camp was at ‘the beach,’ we only saw it 3 times. 2 of the 3 was during workouts, and the other time was for 15 minutes when we first arrived. It was a long trip with lots of practices and workouts but it was a great experience.

I was most excited to get out of my top bunk and back into my large, grounded, unsqueaky bed in Nantes.

Besides volleyball conditioning and practices we had 2 team activities while in La Baule. On Wednesday we went kayaking in the Atlantic Ocean! I’ve paddled around lakes and bays before, but I’ve never actually been out on an ocean. Not that we went so far out, but it was neat! And definitely a workout! We got to a certain part of the water and practiced the proper protocol if a fellow kayak-er was in trouble: gather the rest of the boats side by side and hold them tight together. The injured kayak-er would then have their boat laying across the front of all other boats. Once our position was secure, the instructor climbed out and ran across all the boats- sounds easy, right? Nope! Me, our head coach and 3 other teammates all tried without the same success. I got maybe halfway across before resorting to crawling and then jumping into the water 🙂
On Friday, we had our second team activity- a high ropes course! I haven’t done a ropes course since I was 15, and I was pretty pumped for it. We got to bounce around in a fun section before the real stuff began. After listening to all the safety instructions we set out for our journey in the trees! There were some REALLY difficult obstacles to get through/across/around, and then there were a bunch of nicer ones where we basically just zip-lined our way through (my faves). It was a great activity to communicate, problem solve, and support one another.
Friday was our last evening in La Baule (still had 2 practices Saturday before we could leave), but after the evening practice our coach explained that he’s been really happy with the week, with our effort and energy in practices and the activities. He said something along the lines of: we work very hard, in every aspect, and then sometimes, it’s alright to go out and indulge. So he allowed us to take a short walk to a restaurant that makes the most INCREDIBLE waffles, to indulge in those and have some ‘off-the-court team time.’ I am still dreaming about those waffles… actually it’s the ‘chantilly’ or whipped cream they put on top that sold me. My mother, a whipped cream connoisseur, would have definitely approved 🙂
But now we’re so happy to be back in our little city. Today was a well deserved day off. Took a little stroll through the Nantes Jazz Fest, but that’s for another post 😉  Bon Nuit!