Picture Day!

Wednesday was picture day for our team! We were so excited to finally get our jerseys! 😀

Yup, that’s a blue and a PINK jersey! I’ve never had a pink team color before, let along bright bubble gum pink, but I’m kinda diggin it 🙂

We met in the morning at Passage Pommeraye, a small but very classic Nantes shopping center. It was so chilly at 9 am taking the pics, but I think the the shopping center in the background will look so cool. And we also managed to have some fun, taking lots of silly pics with the photographer too. I can’t wait to see them (and share them with you!)

Afterwards the team, coaches, Presidents and some of the other staff went to a cafe for a drink (of course). This place, La Cigale, is one of the oldest and most traditional in Nantes. The presidents told me that I MUST take my family there when they visit!

It was gorgeous inside! Really ornate decorating. I kept looking at the walls and noticed some insect pictures. Then I looked again at the menu… and again at the wall… CICADAS! The place was decorated not with actual cicadas, but with fancy pictures of cicadas on the wall. It’s like their mascot?! What the heck, I hate those buggers! BUT, I loved this cafe. My macchiato was delicious 🙂 and pretty! A couple of girls ordered a hot chocolate, and I may have stolen a sip. So much more rich and delicious than your average swiss miss or even *gasp* Starbucks hot chocolate.


We finally have our full team together now, YAY, and are heading to a tournament Fri-Sun. Hoping we can finally put some quality play together!


Pics from Quimper

Some of the pictures I took of downtown Quimper and of the beautiful beach

Strike a Pose

I had a little interview this morning… only ‘little’ ended up being a couple hours. One of the local television stations is doing a small segment about one of the Americans coming to play in Nantes, and lucky me was the least resistant to taking part.

The interviewer came to practice last night and shot lots of pictures and videos of our team during practice and afterwards I had to answer a few quick questions about the team and myself. Easy enough.
But it continued on this morning. I met him down in the city center to take some more videos for the segment. The whole point was to get an American’s view on the city- my expectations, thoughts, and hopes about the entire experience.
We drove down to the area near the architecture school, somewhere I have yet to be, and took lots of videos of me walking, and finally finished on top of the architecture building looking around.

I forget what this buildling is, but it actually makes weird noises- designed by some artists, it whistles and hums.

Wannabe Abbey Road and the interviewer/videographer/photographer

What I really loved was seeing some new nooks and crannies to this place. There was some AMAZING graffiti in this artsy area that I kept sneaking pics of, while he was sneaking pics of me.

This weird blue blob building is a little cafe/snack place inside. It’s supposed to seem amoeba-like and living…

He expects it to come out in October and it should be available online, so as long as I don’t look like a goober I’ll be sure to share it when it’s up.

Treated myself to a cappuccino afterwards

We head to Quimper tomorrow for a 3 day tournament! We should have 8 healthy bodies this time… still not a full roster but we’re getting there. Excited to play and compete!