1 Down, 6 To Go

I am officially 1 month into my stay in Austria! Time is going quickly (so far) and I am having a really great time over all!

We are currently 3-0 in our league which is MEZVA- Middle European Zone Volleyball Association (I think)- which includes 2 of the best teams each from Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, and Slovenia. We’ve got lots of matches coming up in the next 2 months, so I’m excited to keep playing and getting better with the team.

Unfortunately, the atmosphere of the matches isn’t quite the same as at U Dub. I think we had maybe 30 fans at our first home match this past week? I miss playing in front of a few thousand Husky faithful so much! I have definitely been spoiled. But bottom line, I love playing volleyball, and I would definitely say that life is pretty cool right now.

For example, we had a day off Nov 1, All Saints Day is a serious holiday here. The Americans (Brittnee, Chelsea, and I) decided to jump on the ubahn (subway) and head to the Museums Quarter that evening, just to walk around. We also stumbled upon the Hofburg Palace. Around every corner there was a new incredible building or site and we could not believe it. Just moments like that hit me and I realize how COOL this entire experience really is.


Also, Happy (Belated) Halloween! Unfortunately, Halloween is not a big deal here at all. But I was determined to carve a pumpkin. It took a few trips to different stores to find a pumpkin, but I did find one, and I think I carved my best pumpkin ever! Britt, Chels, Svenja and I went out to a local park which is the epitome of fall right now, to just walk around and take some pics. Then we headed back to my place to carve and watch Hocus Pocus- such a classic. I made some pumpkin spice cookies for the team (after going on a few wild goose chases looking for ingredients)


One new thing that I’ve experienced since my last post is the Viennese night life! I’ve gone out with my teammates a couple times now, and it is very similar but very different all at once. First off, I am definitely not used to places being open until 5 or 6 AM! And some of my teammates (actually a bunch of them) are used to staying all the way until closing time! That is wayyyy too late (early?) for me! I usually cut out prematurely, but still manage to dance my booty off and have a blast.

Also, I am getting much more accustomed to public transportation- I have taken both the ubahn (subway) and the bus all by myself! 🙂 I’m growing up, I know, haha.

Let’s see what the next 6 months may bring!



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