Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Well look at that, it’s already December! Sorry I haven’t posted in forever, but it has been quite an interesting few weeks since my last update.

First of all, let me touch on some volleyball. About a month ago, I woke up to an email from Jamie Morrison, the USA Women’s National Team Assistant Coach who was planning on coming out to Vienna to coach my team at the end of November. This email revealed that due to some circumstances with the club, they no longer would be signing a contract with him to coach this season. No more Jamie. We’d be continuing the season with our 2 current coaches.

Frankly, when I got that news, I was pretty panicked and pretty confused. Jamie was THE reason I chose to come to this team. I knew that I could still learn from him, run a fast, USA/Gold Medal Squared system, and be challenged as a player. And with the way things were/are ran here without him is definitely not what would have been. On top of that, I see some playing time during the matches, but I am not starting. And with how things operate here, I am not given much of an opportunity to challenge for that spot. So with all of those factors, I have not been the happiest and was considering trying to transfer teams for some time. But as of now I am sticking it out and trying to make the most of this opportunity. I’m trusting that God has me here right now for a reason and as easy as it would be to turn into a Debbie Downer, I am pushing myself to embrace these difficult points and let my happiness and light shine through it all.

We are currently 7-1 in our league and won our first CEV match last week. We have the rematch at home this week. I can’t complain too much about winning.

Even though some days are quite tough here, there are still some pretty great moments too. First off, Kayla Banwarth has joined our team! I met Kayla at the USA Winter Training Block last January and we totally hit it off. I am SO happy she is here; she gets me and just her presence helps me get through some of the tougher moments.

Secondly, the Christmas Markets have hit Vienna! These are the cutest things I have ever seen. In all different locations of the city, outdoor stalls have been put up along with tons of Christmas lights and decorations selling crafts, ornaments, decorations, candy, chocolates, drinks, and other great ideas for Christmas presents. These have been so fun to go to on our days off to shop or just grab a drink and hang out. It really gets you into the Christmas spirit.

Third, I have still been able to have a lot of fun here! The Americans celebrated a mini Thanksgiving (I made a turkey all by myself!). I visited Heather Meyers, who played the past 4 years at Oregon (what? I know, haha, but she’s great) in Linz, Austria; meaning I took the train all by myself on the first try (it’s the little things)! I went to a Patrick Wolf concert which was amazing! I’ve seen a professional ping pong match which is SERIOUS business.  We started one night hanging out at a Christmas market and ended up at a Salsa Club having a free lesson! And, of course, I have been getting my shop on 🙂

Last but not least, MY FAMILY IS COMING TO VISIT ON THE 21ST. This makes my heart SO incredibly happy. We had been delaying the idea for a little bit while my plans were up in the air, but now it is totally confirmed, the tickets have been purchased and I. can. not. wait. I love them so much. There was a bit of time when I thought this may be the first Christmas I wouldn’t be with my family (I know it will likely happen at some point) but I am grateful it is not this one. I’m so excited for them to see Vienna, but mostly I’m excited just to see them.

I know the beginning of this post seemed pretty dark and dreary, and some days, that’s exactly how it is here. But then I remember how lucky I am. To be living in this city. To be employed. To be playing a game I love. To still love this game at all. Life is full of ups and downs and I’m determined to live it up as much as I can.



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