Pics from Quimper

Some of the pictures I took of downtown Quimper and of the beautiful beach


Welcome to Quimper

Tourney Time!

Quimper is a city in the province of Brittany that’s one of the most traditional. It was about a 2 1/2 hour drive from Nantes, and we went straight into the city to meet with the Mayor and the other teams for a pre-tournament reception. We were also a little behind schedule so I grabbed my camera on the way and had a shoot-on-the-run session. Pretty pumped about it though, the city was super cute and it was a nice day to just click away.

We play 3 matches in the next 3 days- against Evreux, Quimper, and Nancy. What I didn’t realize was that my friend and old roommate from USA Naomi Johnson plays for Evreux. I was SO excited to see her 🙂 It is always such a treat to see a familiar face while you’re overseas.
After the quick reception we went to check into our… camp? Last week my coach was telling us about this tournament and he says, “Yes, we will be camping next week in Quimper.” I must have looked at him like he has 10 heads. I was like wait… like tent camping? “No, no they are like little trailer homes.” Oh, that’s so much better.
After presuming some very low standard for our stay, I am PLEASANTLY surprised. We are staying in little ‘trailer homes’ I guess, but I prefer to call them bungalows. I am rooming with Lisa and we have a fully equipped little kitchen, table, pink couch, fridge, mini tv, bathroom, shower, and our own bed rooms, a deck and a grill. They look very new and clean as well. It’s all mini sized but super cute.
After lunch we had a while before our afternoon snack and the match so Kristy, Coop, and I decided to walk to the beach. It was only say 1 km away, which translates to a 15 isn minute walk. It is so PRETTY! The water is so blue and clean and crisp. Another little cove like at the other beaches we’ve seen [we’re 3 for 3 for trips located on the water 🙂 ]
That night we played Evreux which is a team in our league and we will play this season. It was an ugly match but we came away with a 3-0 win. We’re still not a complete team yet, waiting on our last 2 players and dealing with some injuries, but finding a way to win when we’re not playing well is still important.
Afterwards, got back to our little camp site complex, had some of the best lasagna I’ve ever tasted then hit the hay to do it again.