Good Eats

What have I been up to lately? Practicing and playing matches of course. I catch up on my fave TV shows (Grey’s and a few others). I read here and there. But you may or may not know, I LOVE to cook. Cooking, baking- basically whipping up something delicious in the kitchen is so fun to me.

As a professional athlete and health conscious person, I try to eatpretty healthy most of the time, but I cannot deny my affection for chocolate and sweets. My teammates and roommates have realized I love to make scrumptious, sugar-coma inducing sweets- as long as I can pawn them off on other people 😉

I’ve tried to take some pictures of my recent completions, but oftentimes sometimes we are so hungry or the dish tastes SO good, we don’t even have the time to think and document it. Like the pumpkin pie I most recently made for Thanksgiving. I promise I made one, it just ended up in our bellies before the whole ‘take a picture’ idea could be remembered.

Worth noting- Kristy is my partner in crime in the kitchen. We’ve tackled a lot of these recipes together, and Coop is full supportive 🙂 We’re Pinterest obsessed and realized that 90% of my pins are food recipes and ideas. Sorry I’m not sorry!