Blessing In Disguise

So having surgery is not something I was hoping for, BUT it did allow for one of my prayers to be answered: to attend my Aunt Diane’s wedding.


Ever since she set her wedding date last year for this March, I have been hoping and wishing and praying (cue music!) that I would be able to attend. Missing those amazing family occasions are kind of part of the job description for athletes overseas, so I knew my chances of going would be slim. As the season went, there was an outside chance that the weekend would be free and I was prepped and ready to pull a crazy 2 1/2 day whirlwind to be there.

But, somebody had other plans. Shortly after my injury and getting my surgery date we realized that the wedding was very possible now! I was planning a minimum 4 week rehab with the National Team, longer if my knee needed more time. I am still shocked that even though it required surgery, I somehow got to go to this wedding. It was seriously meant to be.


Anyways, it was the most amazing time. I ADORE my extended family, and I don’t get to see them nearly enough, so I cherish every moment I get with them. They also seem to be getting cooler every occasion, which ROCKS. (No pressure for next time, everyone).

My Aunt Di officially married my now Uncle Jay and being a part of that made my heart so happy. I have been looking up to Di for basically my entire life. Besides my hopefully future wedding (still single, boys!) this is one of the weddings I have been been most excited for. Ever since I understood weddings I planned to be Di’s Flower Girl. As I hit my teens, I realized I needed to set my sights on bridal party. Mission accomplished.

There were no speeches given at the ceremony, we were all too focused on dancing and laughing and drinking, but I had thought a lot about getting to this wedding because I really love Diane, and since I didn’t share this potential speech there, I thought I’d share it here.

Di, believe it or not, I’ve been looking up to you my entire life- wanting to be like you, wanting to be your best friend. You’re the closest thing to a big sister I’ll ever have and somehow, even being the annoying clingy 12 year younger niece, you showed me nothing but love and laughter and fun. You made me want to be athletic. You made me want to laugh. You made me want to play video games. But you never MADE me want to do anything. Just by being around you made me want to be around you more- because of the love and fun you share with everyone you’re around.

So it’s no surprise that you have so many people here to celebrate with you. It’s no surprise to me that this awesome guy Jay wants to spend the rest of his life with you. And it’s no surprise that he is nearly as funny as you are, adores his family, knows how to party, but has that same infectious fun about him and huge amount of love to share.

I, like the rest of this crowd, am so excited and happy for the two of you and your future together. There undoubtedly will continue to be so much love, fun and laughs from the Sicker’s and that everyone will still be dying to be a part of it. Cheers to you Mr. & Mrs. Jay Sicker!


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