Jazz Fest

On Sunday we had a much needed day off and instead of being completely lazy all day, Kristy, Coop, and I drove into the city to check out the Nantes Jazz Festival. Our President had mentioned it and invited us to join him the week prior. We’re no jazz or classical music know-it-alls but I’m always down to check out little events going on around town.

One of the stages on a barge in the water

It ended up taking place around the Erde River which runs through Nantes. There is a small island (l’île de Versailles) in the middle of the river that the fest centers around.

Blue Stage from afar


A rough translation about the festival from the website (http://www.rendezvouserdre.com/le-festival/)

The festival is both a reflection and a pillar of cultural life Nantes.

For four days, on the banks of the Erdre, the festival welcomes players of the cultural and social life Nantes: showcase their projects, it supports and is a partner.

There were maybe 8 stages up and down the river, all with different types of music playing: jazz, classical jazz, blues, mixed jazz, electric jazz and others. Along with all of the stages there were many stands for food and drinks as well as the restaurants on the water. It was tough to just walk by some of the fresh crepe stands and artisan bakeries along the water.


One of the local taverns (Muscadet is the local wine made in the area)




It was a really nice day to walk around the town and check out some of the culture. I LOVE that Nantes is located on the water; seeing the boats docked up along the sides of the river is so neat. And the music was alright too 😉 We didn’t listen too  much to any one stage, but the band playing a blues set was jamming for sure.

Some older couples started to dance across the way from one of the bands. So cute.

After 2 good days of training Mon/Tues we made our way to St. Malo, France and have a friendly match tomorrow. More on that later!