Time In The City

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hello again! When I started writing blog posts, I was waiting for something that I thought was very cool or interesting or just different to write about… and now every day there seems to be something very cool or interesting and different, yet I am updating less, haha. I need to right this wrong.

So let’s get to it…

I have been in Vienna for 12 whole days now but it feels like it’s been a month! First things first, volleyball is going pretty well. Unfortunately, my teammates have been dropping like flies! The team has had the flu going around ever since I came to town, plus tack on some random volleyball injuries we could range from 12 girls at practice all the way down to 5! So things have been interesting, but after the weekend off, I’m betting our numbers will go up to start next week. We’re actually going to Prague on Wednesday and Thursday for a tournament or some friendly matches which is veryyy exciting!

On that note, each day has actually been getting better in my eyes. I feel more comfortable, I’m learning more about my teammates and having more fun each day! Now all we’re waiting for is a couple of my American teammates to get here as well as our American head coach and we’ll be good to go!

Before I recap some other things, I have to give a huge shoutout to my teammate Svenja Engelhardt. Svenja is from Germany but she just graduated this past July from Pacific. I pretty much hang out with her because her English is fantastic… I kid, I kid. It’s because she’s been super nice and helpful with everything! She’s a big reason things have gone relatively smoothly, and the fact that she has had to up and move to a completely different country (from Germany to USA) she understands my pain.


Last week we had Monday off so Svenja and I headed into the city for some shopping! We went to Mariahilfer Straße which is a big shopping street a few subway stops past the city center. It felt just like shopping on Pike/Pine in Seattle. And low and behold, what was the first thing to catch my eye??

A Starbucks 🙂

Totally a taste of home, and I of course I went in and bought a chai tea latte. I really didn’t know what to expect here in terms of stores, but was pleasantly surprised to see some familiar face: Mac, L’Occitane, the Body Shop, Lush, Forever 21, and a few more

It was a cold and slightly rainy day, but we had a great time. After shopping around Mariahilfer Straße we jumped in the subway again and headed to Stephansdom, the city center. It is an incredible area with it’s main attraction being Stephansdom Cathedreral, a MASSVE and gorgeous church built in the 12th century. We walked some more around the area which has plenty of shopping and restaurants. The area is so beautiful. The architecture is something else, and for being a big and very busy city it is still very clean. We split a croissant from a little bakery on the Subway ride home to finish off an excellent day.

We had 2 a days the rest of the week with the team, but were lucky enough to have the weekend off; considering our low numbers, we needed it. So, again Svenja and I went into the city to explore some more but this time with two of our other teammates- Sophie and Jelena. It was a BEAUTIFUL day (cold, but sunny) and Jelena knows a bit more about the city so she directed us some. I posted a ton of pictures from that day on Facebook that you can also check out in my Albums here.

It was another fantastic day, and we got to see more of the sights. The only thing is we’re yet to actually take our sweet time and go on a tour or actually learn about anything, haha. Oh yeah, that learning thing… I used to do that in school right? I’m planning on doing a little more research and hopefully learning some more about these gorgeous buildings and this pretty incredible area.

I PROMISE, I will try to update more and sooner. There are so many little things that I want to mention, but would take forever, so look for another post soon! 🙂


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