Bus Rides

9 hour bus trips are always better when you win. Trust me. We had a match against Schwerin this weekend. They were top of the league last year and play champion’s league, so we were excited for a good match. The only downside is Schwerin is one of the 2 cities farthest away from us. They’re up north past Berlin. I was a bit spoiled last year because we flew to quite a few away matches. This year, it’s all about the bus. Good news is we drive out the day before a match. Bad (and not so bad) news is we drive back directly from after a match. When you really really look at it, it’s good because we’re getting back to our city (and our own beds) as soon as possible, and nobody wants to waste daytime on a bus if its possible.

So I pack lots of ‘things’ to spend my time. I’m not a big napper so I have to keep myself busy. I’ve got 2 hardcover books, my nook, my iphone, my journal, and my ken ken book (a sudoku variant) I’ve also got my German lesson book and worksheets from class. Oh AND a few hundred player cards that need to be signed. This legit took me the first 2 hours if the ride (with a few rounds of candy crush mixed in. I am addicted to that darn game. Unfortunately my computer is broken otherwise I would have that loaded up with some movies and tv shows to keep me busy but alas, not for this drive. I’m seriously contemplating buying some yarn and knitting needles and just going for it next road trip, we shall see! The major key is being able to fall asleep post match. We’re looking at an arrival time in vilsbiburg around 6:30 am O___O good thing I don’t have a lot of heavy duty activity (or anything) planned for Sunday!

Player  cards. Starting point.

Player cards. Starting point.



Done! Wrist cramp #firstworldproblems

Done! Wrist cramp #firstworldproblems

Bus shot

Bus shot


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