Day Tripper

We don’t get a ton of free time but I am trying extra hard to take advantage of it when it presents itself. So when we had a Sunday off, Tama and I decided to take a day trip down to Innsbruck, Austria to see a couple of our friends from the Men’s National Team who are playing there.

It takes between 2.5-3 hours to get there, so we started the drive off early. That was a great choice because we started it right with a FULL rainbow. The German countryside is something I I fell in love with at first site. We took backroads (don’t ask why) for the first half of the trip, and although it was a bit sketchy not knowing exactly where we were, it was BEAUTIFUL. The rising sun reflecting on dewy fields and rolling hills; there’s nothing like it.

Sidenote: driving on the autobahn is exciting! I like driving fast- don’t worry mom, not THAT fast- so driving without a limit and at my desired pace is great. I think I’m driving pretty quickly and then all of a sudden a car whips by you.

We ended up having such a nice time in Innsbruck. We met up with Erik Shojo and Andy Hein along with Erik’s visiting friend from college Jake and Andy’s wife Kate (I can’t leave out Andy and Kate’s lil’ dog Harry). We filled up on an all you can eat late brunch at Cafe Moustache, strolled around the city, then went to the ski jump area in the city to get a nice view and have a coffee. I was actually in Innsbruck 2 years prior visiting Ellie Regan (Blankenship at the time). It was fun seeing a city for a second time. It was as beautiful as I remember and this time it was warm being a nice fall day.

That evening, we all went over to Andy and Kate’s apartment to make a family dinner and watch some NFL football on their Slingbox.It turned out to be such a great time. Having an evening to relax, eat, drink, and feel so very American on a Sunday evening felt right.Unfortunately, the evening came too soon and Tama and I got back on the road to head back to Vilsbiburg. The trip was absolutely worth the drive and I’m looking forward to doing it more in the future!


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