I’m still alive and kicking! I clearly dropped the ball on blogging, but thanks to some gentle prodding from my dad, I will at the very least get an update on here!


It’s been an unbelievably awesome summer. Literally unbelievable some days. Like, I have actually pinched myself on more than one occasion to make sure I’m in reality. I will try to get some specific posts up about my adventures over the past few months, but for now I’m gonna cut to the chase and just get you up to date.


I’m currently living in Anaheim, California and playing volleyball for Team USA. Literally, living the dream. I wake up around 7 every morning and head to the gym for a full day of practice, video, workouts and some laughs in between and finally drag myself out by 4 in the afternoon. I was fortunate enough to go to my first tournament, The Pan American Cup, in Lima, Peru back in June and came back with a gold medal. I got to play in 2 scrimmages against Japan (which we won) here in Southern California in July and hear my first “U-S-A” chant while playing. And now we’re preparing for a huge tournament (The World Grand Prix) that runs through all of August. I LOVE my job. It is a total grind with huge highs and awfully tough lows and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 


More to come (hopefully 😉 ). Stay tuned!

PS I had written a decent chunk of entries from Jan-April about the back half of my time in France and the beginning of my time at home, but never posted them (I don’t know why, I’m silly). I don’t have any pictures linked up with them and didn’t get to edit so, yeah, but there is definitely new information if you check my last 5-10 entries 🙂


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