Salon du Chocolat

If you don’t know me, or for some reason can’t tell- I LOVE CHOCOLATE 🙂 Dark, milk, white, minty, with nuts, with nougat, any which way please and thank you 🙂 So how excited was I when I saw a billboard for “The Salon du Chocolat” in Nantes last weekend? PRETTY PUMPED.

Basically the Salon du Chocolat is a chocolate exhibition. There are booths upon booths of chocolatiers selling their products. There is musical performers. There’s a hands on kids section to make treats. There are chefs/chocolatiers on the hour teaching cooking techniques and recipes. There are chocolate statues.There is a chocolate fashion show. Yes, chocolate fashion show.

It was an awesome few hours at this place. The different booths of chocolate shops (chocolateries) were so eager to give out free samples and talk to you about their products. I am still in shock over how much chocolate I saw at this place- chocolate slabs, chocolate balls, truffles, chocolate wine, chocolate brandy, organic chocolate, chocolate paste, chocolate flowers, chocolate bras, chocolate covered fruit, I could go on.

The big pull for us was this chocolate fashion show at the end of the day. There were maybe 10 outfits worn by models made out of chocolate! No, they weren’t 100% chocolate, but they were mostly chocolate for sure! It was a pretty cool, creative event.


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