Unposted French Entries

So believe it or not, I actually had written a bunch of entries during the back half of my time in France and I never got around to finish and post them. So I’m going to post the collection sans pics to try and play catch up as quickly as possible.

FEBRUARY 16, 2013


I am one of the luckiest kids around because I had my parents here with me for 10 whole days! It was a whirlwind trip full of laughs, smiles, tension, panic, happiness, worry, and love 😉 We definitely ended the trip with some exciting (to say the least) stories.

Let me try to recap this as best I can:

Plus- Showing my parents my little city of Nantes
Minus- It was raining and pretty cold the entire time
Plus- My dad lucked into renting an Alpha Romeo Italian car
Minus- We exchanged it the next day for an automatic (after nearly blowing it up)
Plus- We ate unbelievably amazing food all over the city while they were here
Minus- Gained a kilo at the surprise weigh in before practice at the end of their visit.
Plus- Drinking our way through some of the bars on a lazy day
Minus- Lost my French cell phone
Plus- Heading to an “American Bar” called the Road House to watch the Super Bowl pre game
Minus- We were the ONLY people in the bar (not totally a minus tho)
Plus- Getting to visit the Palace of Versaille with my Mom and Dad (see next post)
Minus- Freezing out BUTTS off and getting purely tuckered out around that big place.
Plus- Having my parents visiting me for 10 days
Minus- Only having my parents visiting for 10 days.

Overrall it was an INCREDIBLE trip, for me at least! I showed them all around my current home in the city of Nantes and introduced them to my teammates and all the staff at Nantes Volley Feminin after we notched a big WIN. As I mentioned before, we ate really well and I took so much pleasure in spoiling them with the French wine, bread, cheese, and pastries I’ve come to know and love (always in moderation!! 😉 ) They also took some time to visit Mont St. Michel, the Normandy Beaches and WW2 Landing Sites, and of course Paris. Nothing beats being with family, especially when you’re away from them for so long in another country.


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