Carpiquet Tournament

Another weekend, another tournament… another 2nd place.

We’re bummed to take second, again, but I think the team is taking steps in the right direction to get where we want to be. We played a lot of different line ups again and were pretty tired from the week, so our coaches are relatively satisfied with the outcome. (but boy are we hungry for a first place finish)

We went 2-1: We won our first match in 5 against Evreux (we played them last week as well) coming back from an 0-2 start. I think that’s a great sign for our team, that we can battle. We lost our second match in 5 against Dinamo Bucharest, a team that will play  in Champions League this season. Finally we won in 4 on Sunday against Albi. Albi is another French team we will see this season, and actually play against them next week in another tournament. If we had won that last match in 3 we would have clinched 1st place. Close but no cigar.

The highlight of the weekend for me, though, was seeing so many familiar faces. Of the 4 teams in the tournament, we had 7 Americans! Besides Kristy, Coop, and I, Evan Sanders, a fellow Husky plays for Albi, as well as Tania Schatow from LSU (there must be something about Husky setters and Tiger middles!). Naomi Johnson plays for Evreux, my former USA roommate. And Regan Hood who I also played with at USA  (another LSU alum). I’ve said it before, but it’s so nice to see Americans and people you know. All of a sudden you are so excited and there is so much chatter and quick English being spoken again 🙂

7 Americans from 4 European Teams and 4 different Universities

Unfortunately for this trip we didn’t have as much free time during the day. The city we were in was technically Caen (sidenote: I don’t know how the French pronounce these cities and keep them all straight. Pretty sure Caen, Cannes, and Cannet all sound THE SAME. end rant). This Caen, unlike the southern film festival Cannes, is on the north shore, and located in Normandy. The city was liberated within the first month of the Normandy Landings in WWII, so there is a lot of history going on there. If we get a chance I’m hoping to go back and see the beaches and do a couple of the historical tours.

But for now we get some rest and some more practices and then tournament next weekend.

Less than 2 weeks before our first real match! 😀


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