Picture Day!

Wednesday was picture day for our team! We were so excited to finally get our jerseys! 😀

Yup, that’s a blue and a PINK jersey! I’ve never had a pink team color before, let along bright bubble gum pink, but I’m kinda diggin it 🙂

We met in the morning at Passage Pommeraye, a small but very classic Nantes shopping center. It was so chilly at 9 am taking the pics, but I think the the shopping center in the background will look so cool. And we also managed to have some fun, taking lots of silly pics with the photographer too. I can’t wait to see them (and share them with you!)

Afterwards the team, coaches, Presidents and some of the other staff went to a cafe for a drink (of course). This place, La Cigale, is one of the oldest and most traditional in Nantes. The presidents told me that I MUST take my family there when they visit!

It was gorgeous inside! Really ornate decorating. I kept looking at the walls and noticed some insect pictures. Then I looked again at the menu… and again at the wall… CICADAS! The place was decorated not with actual cicadas, but with fancy pictures of cicadas on the wall. It’s like their mascot?! What the heck, I hate those buggers! BUT, I loved this cafe. My macchiato was delicious 🙂 and pretty! A couple of girls ordered a hot chocolate, and I may have stolen a sip. So much more rich and delicious than your average swiss miss or even *gasp* Starbucks hot chocolate.


We finally have our full team together now, YAY, and are heading to a tournament Fri-Sun. Hoping we can finally put some quality play together!


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