Quimper Trois

After our late night match and dinner, we were lucky enough to sleep in and have breakfast around 10. Our coaches wanted to make sure we were rested and ready for a last match that night. After practice, had a team stretch session, then a few of us went to walk/run/move our legs in the pool and loosen em up for the day.

We played our final match against Nancy, France- a top team from the 2nd division in France. Played the first set short staffed again, and then got our opposite going for the next few sets. We won in 4, and overall were really pleased based on our effort, energy and fight (especially when we consider our fatigue level)

We finished the tournament in second place, and miss Kristy Jaeckel was named MVP! Again, we really wish we would have won the whole thing, but we can appreciate the silver lining of what we’ve learned from the weekend.

We were so tired, but had to hang around to watch the last match, receive the awards, then all of the teams went back to our pimped out campground restaurant for dinner… which started at 11 pm. Another late one that wrapped up around 12:30.  (On the bright side, the food had been REALLY good the entire trip)

7:30 wake up call, 8:30 breakfast, 9 o’clock departure and we are finally back in Nantes around 12:30. Until next trip!

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