Quimper Deux

We didn’t quite realize it when we first arrived, but our little camp ground area is really pimped out! After breakfast we did some recuperation in the indoor swimming pool. It wasn’t just a little pool, but a big one in a lazy river type format and even with a couple of decent size slides. Who woulda thunk it?
There is also a large outdoor swimming pool- way too chilly for that- a playground in a huge sandbox, a ropes course, a small convenience store, and a large restaurant/bar that we have all of our meals at. Last night at dinner they had all the disco hits pumpin in the front while we ate. It’s raining’ men!
We played Quimper (the tournament host) and unfortunately lost in 5. However, we were down bodies even more- we ran a 4-2 which means there are 2 setters on the floor at all times, and whichever is in the front row will set. We only had 1 outside hitter so our third middle blocker played outside. Like I said, it’s always disappointing to lose, but I’m proud of how our team fought and didn’t bat an eye even though we were all out of sorts positionally.
The other thing about the match is that it started late, at 8:30 and we didn’t finish up until 11 ish. Factor in cool down, shower, and drive back… (not to mention the slow course service of French meals) we didn’t sit down to eat until maybe 12:15 and finish dinner just before 1 am. Whew.
One more match on Satruday to wrap it up.

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