French Firsts

I have never lived in or even visited France before, so I love finding out about the culture and trying new things here. As the saying goes: When in Rome, do as the Romans. I came to France knowing I want to definitely indulge (in moderation) in the wine, bread, and crêpes. Of course, there are many other great things France has to offer and I’m excited to find and try them all as well. Matter of fact, I will probably try the entire assortment of baked goods at the Boulangeries (bakery) by the end of my stay here 🙂

So here are a few ‘French Firsts’ I have completed so far…

Wine is up first! Coop, Kristy and I each bought a bottle of wine or champagne to try when we are in the mood. We first had Coop’s pick which was some tropical fruity champagne- not really wine, but really yummy. I had some real white wine from the Nantes vineyards after our friendly match with the team and staff and it was very good! Now we just have to figure out what type of wines are what.


I’ve never actually had a macaroon before, and boy these lil’ guys are yummy! I tried a vanilla, Kristy got chocolate, and Laura got strawberry. All of the flavors were scrumptious- light, airy wafer-ish on the outside, and a sweet filling inside. So many flavors to choose from!

Orange and Pink beer? These bad boys are actually beers that have an added strawberry syrup and peach syrup. Maybe this is common other places or has been done before, but seeing as I’m no beer/alcohol connoisseur, I definitely have never seen it before! (minus green beer for St Patty’s) They were really sweet and refreshing! I’m sure most dudes and normal beer drinkers will not approve, but it was a perfect girly drink for a girl like me 🙂

Last but not least, I had my first crêpe! This bad boy was a savory crêpe- made with egg, ham, and cheese (oef, jambon, et fromage). SO good. Also, after this was finished up, I had ANOTHER one (I mentioned indulging up above 😉 ) but it was sweet, made with chocolate and toasted almond slices. Holy. Crap. It was unbelievable. Hence no picture; I had no time to stop and snap a pic while I was inhaling food from the God’s.

Looking forward to more firsts in France! We head to the beach tomorrow until Saturday for camp, so we’ll see what kind of trouble we’re getting into there.


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