Sunday Recap

Have another day of rest and recuperation after our first friendly match yesterday. Since we’ve only had 6 players training the past 2 weeks, we were a little short staffed and scraped together what we could. It was actually our first attempt at playing any type of 6 on 6/live volleyball. Although it definitely wasn’t super smooth, our goal was to play simple, communicate and compete. We ended up splitting 2 sets each with the team from Paris. I’m excited to see all the progress we can make and what we look like with our full squad!

Before the scrimmage, we zipped downtown for a bit to stretch our legs and see the farmer’s market that happens every Sunday in the city centre. I LOVE little markets- seeing the different types of fresh produce and meats and the people that are selling them.  There were tons of yummy looking fruits and vegetables; fresh meat, chicken and seafood; cheeses, milk, other foreign products; as well as knick knacks, clothes, and some random ‘things.’ I hope to see much more of this market in the future 🙂

After the scrimmage, we had a little dinner with some of our supporters and the other team at the gym, then skiddaddled to the Nantes hockey game to catch the last period. There apparently are a nice handful of other sports teams in the city- football (american soccer), women’s basketball, men’s volley, and handball. We’re hoping to see a bunch of them in action throughout the season!

We headed to cute bar near the city centre again to just hang out and have a couple drinks with teammates and some other people. It was a nice little outing  to cap off a good week of work in the gym. We got to cool the jets off today (Sunday), will have practices Monday then head to the beach for a training camp Tuesday-Saturday! I love me some beach, but I like the idea of getting better as a team while we’re there even more 🙂


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