We were lucky enough to get a day off today. After testing out in weights yesterday morning followed by a good yet challenging practice in the afternoon, we appreciated it. But just because we had a day off doesn’t mean we didn’t have a team activity… Yup, GOLFING.

Us 6 girls and our coaches drove 10 minutes past the gym to a golf course, where we were given some golf instructions. I was hoping we’d just play some putt putt (we had to explain what putt putt actually is to them [as in using the putter]) but we started off at the range. You probably don’t know my golfing ability. I usually consider myself pretty athletic and coordinated and able to pick up on sports quickly- Golf is a WHOLE ‘NOTHER story. There is something that just doesn’t seem to click with me, the big ol’ club, and that tiny ball so far away.

Anyways, we were given some very basic direction from a French instructor, who was pretty patient with us. It was definitely more of a social team activity than a serious one. We each took our bucket of balls and had our fair share of decent shots, misses, whiffs, and grounders. But it was fun trying to make little changes and laughing at each other.

Then we actually moved over to some practice holes. Thank GOODNESS they weren’t the actual length of holes on a golf course, but it was definitely not putt putt. We split into 2 teams and played ‘best of’ golf. So all 3 girls on one team would tee off, then we’d pick the best shot would play from there. We (Kristy, Tiphaine, and I) played 3 holes against the other team and came out as championssss! (somehow) Kristy actually was pretty beasty for a few shots, may have some golf in her future!

All in all it was another great team activity for us to continue getting to know each other, have some fun, and slip in some rest so we can have another solid 2 days of work.

Big things happening with our 7th player arriving this Friday, and then we have our first friendly match on Saturday against the team from Paris!


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