(post) Practice Un

I was PUMPED to play some real volley again today! We had a meeting with the entire staff of the club before we started. One of our presidents, the secretary, communications person, both of our coaches, and a few other people came to introduce themselves and listen to our coach’s first organized meeting. The down side: there are only 6 girls here right now! The other 5 have to finish up obligations with their national teams right now, but will arrive by the middle of September.

After a solid intro and collecting some of our new gear we went to work! A semi-quick 2 hour ball handling practice that had us running ragged for the first 30 minutes. It may not have all been so pretty but it felt great to be touching the ball in a practice setting and sweating… A lot! The weather here is awfully nice and the gym decided to heat up as well. Either way, we had a decent first day and brought some good energy.

I’m thinkin I’ll have my best night’s sleep tonight since I’ve been here, but ready to get back at it tomorrow!

Bon nuit!


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