First update from France!

Cincy –> Philly –> Manchester –> Nantes

15 travel hours, only one delay and quite a few naps later, I have made it. And I’m relatively settled in!

My head coach, assistant coach, and co-President picked me up at the airport around 3 pm local time Monday (9am east coast/6am west coast). Only my head coach speaks decent English, but they were all smiles and very welcoming.

We zipped right over to my apartment which is ADORABLE! After being in a very small studio apartment without  many amenities last season, I feel very spoiled with my new place. (Small slideshow posted below) It’s a 2 level place: the kitchen and living space on the first floor, bedrooms on the second. I’m sharing with my teammate from last year, Miss Brittnee Cooper!

After dropping my bags off, we drove by the gym and the training facility (both were closed so we couldn’t go in) as well as the offices where the coaches and presidents work. Next up was my first grocery trip. The store we went to was comparable to a Super Walmart with full selection of food as well as many other ‘things’. It also happened to be located *in* a shopping mall. That will definitely come in handy!

Got back to my apartment where they gave me some time to unpack, unwind and get comfortable in my new place. I sat down to read up a bit about the city and all of a sudden my eye lids felt sooo heavy. I tried really hard not to fall asleep during the day so I could sleep through the night, but just resting my eyes for a couple minutes wouldn’t be too bad, right? Well an hour later I woke up (8pm now) wondering if I’d sleep well again later on, haha.

My coach picked me up at 10 to go meet Brittnee and Kristy at the airport, and it felt great to have American buddies with me right away! Came back, got them settled in as well, then tried to shut it down around 1:30 am and slept like a rock all night. We have a couple meetings today but lots of relaxing and getting adjusted for the next 2 days before we start training on Thursday! Can’t wait!

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